An ESP8266 Library: EZRadio SI4455 Wireless Transceiver Chip

EZRadio Si4455 is a highly robust and simple to use wireless transceiver chip, that can be used for development of wireless sensor networks/wireless applications. It uses the standard SPI interface for communication, therefore it can be used with any MCU’s.

A couple of months ago, I had ported (developed by Silicon Labs) the software for this RFIC to be used with a TI MCU platform, having the ARM Cortex M3 processor, and it works flawlessly.

I have been exploring the ESP8266 for a while and I realised that integrating this RFIC to the ESP8266 could be a great way to evaluate the ESP8266’s  SPI bus as well as get it to work with the radio chip. This will enable to develop applications that can have WiFi capabilities and the ability to communicate at 315 MHz, 433 MHz or 915 MHz frequency band.

I couldn’t find any library for using this RFIC with the ESP8266, hence I decided to write one for myself and other ESP8266 users, who can use the same.

Download the library from EZRadio_SI4455_ESP8266_Library_Download and get started to building some awesome wireless applications, using the sweet EZRadio SI4455 Wireless Transceiver Chip.

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