BBB emmc flashing

Flash Internal eMMC from SD Card on BeagleBone

It is always a good idea to keep a back up of the last good known image. I always carry two SD cards in my wallet, which has the back up of Images with kernel version 3.8 and 4.1. This has saved me several times when I had ended up corrupting the OS running on my BeagleBone’s eMMC.

Steps to flashing the Image from SD Card to eMMC

Step 1: First boot your Beaglebone from the inserted SD card while pressing the boot button. And SSH into your Beaglebone.

Step 2: To edit, open the uEnv.txt file in “/boot/” directory as shown below.

Step 3: In the uEnv.txt file, just uncomment the following line present at the bottom of the script as shown below.

Uncommenting the above line will tell the Beaglebone to flash the OS from SD card to the eMMC on the next power cycle.

Step 4: Now, power off your Beaglebone and again power back on while pressing the boot button. When you see the user led’s flashing in a pattern or sequence, release the boot button.This pattern lighting of the user led’s will continue until the flashing is completed.

Once the flashing has been completed, all the user led’s will switch off including the BeagleBone. Now immediately unplug the power from the BeagleBone and remove the SD card. After removing the SD card power on your BeagleBone and this time, your BeagleBone will boot from the eMMC.

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