A GPIO and UART Library for MSP430F2274

A year ago, my sister had gifted me an eZ430-RF2500 Development Tool(It has an MSP430F2274 controller).However, I was busy meddling with my Beaglebone, ESP8266 and PIC, due to which I was pre-occupied and didn’t really explore this device. So, a couple of days ago, I started exploring the eZ430-RF2500 and I am loving it!. Before interfacing any sensors or developing any applications using the eZ430, my first aim was to explore the GPIO’s and getting the UART to work, so that I can use it for debugging to accelerate further developments.

I searched online to check if there are any existing libraries I can use to control the GPIO’s and use the UART, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. Hence, I decided to write a minimal GPIO and UART library using the samples provided by TI. The source files have been compiled and tested on Linux(Debian) using the MSP430 GCC Toolchain and MSPdebug.

The current library is good for a start and serves the purpose, however, it will be upgraded on a continuous basis to extend the functionalities. You can download or clone the source files by clicking here.

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