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Setup Up Qt with LCD Touch on Beaglebone – PART V

Hey  Folks,

I am glad to see that many people have been exploring qt with Beaglebone and few folks have requested me to show an example, on how to compile a Qt application and deploy it onto your BBB.  Hence, I squeezed out some time from my last weekend’s schedule and decided to make this post. In the previous part i.e. PART-IV, I had shown how to integrate the Qt Touch libraries to your BBB and install the Qt Creator. In this part, let’s wrap up by learning how to configure and set up the Qt Creator IDE for you to build and deploy your applications.

Before going ahead, I’d like to show you a basic demo of the potential of qt and what it can do. In the below video, I am sampling the output of a Flex sensor placed on my index finger using a 24 bit ADC. I am using qt to display the digital data and plot its graph in real time.

Pretty cool right 🙂

Now coming to the main stuff, I hope you have set up the Qt toolchain and libs on your Laptop/PC, if not, please do so by following the steps described in the previous parts of this series i.e. PART-IPART-IIPART-III and PART-IV.

Firstly, launch your Qt Creator IDE and set up the kit as shown in the video below:

Second, In the below video, I show how to design a simple GUI that consists of a button and a text label. When the button is pressed, the text label will display “I Love Qt :)”.

Third and the final step, In the below video, I show how to cross compile your Qt application and deploy it onto your Beaglebone.

In summary, Part I, II, III, IV, and V shows how to set up the BBB, Qt toolchain, touchscreen libraries and installing and configuring Qt Creator to build and deploy Qt applications onto your beaglebone. Hence, it’s time to bring your creativity, GUI design, and coding skills to light and develop some amazing applications using Qt.

10 thoughts on “Setup Up Qt with LCD Touch on Beaglebone – PART V”

  1. I’m running into an issue when running. Getting error: cannot connect to X server :0.0 Application finished with exit code 1.

  2. Hi All,
    We are using TI SDK AM3358 and Kernel 4.4.32, And we are using 7″ Touch Screen Display Cape with Beagle Bone Black, So how to integrate using SDK and how to do kernel and driver configurations.
    Please suggest me, waiting for your reply.

    1. I haven’t used that kernel or TI SDK for setting up TSD with BBB, so I am not sure. However, configuring a kernel or creating a custom minimal Debian image is possible. A search on google regarding this will probably help you get started.

  3. Hi, Vinay! I was wondering if you knew how to make a Beaglebone boot directly to a QT application, as soon as it is powered up. Thanks in advance!

      1. Oh! Maybe I didn’t explain myself well. I meant to automatically load my qt app as soon as the beaglebone starts (without any intervention from user). Thanks a lot!

    1. OK, I had done this long back, around two years ago. I will research and write a new short post that says how to do this as soon as I get some free time, probably in this week.
      Mean time, stay tuned and have a great weekend!

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