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Setup Qt with LCD Touch on Beaglebone – PART II

In the previous part i.e. PART-I, I had shown how to set up your new Debian image with some basic installations. If you haven’t done this, I advise you to please look into the previous part. If you already have an OS (Debian Jessie 8.5) running with the basic necessities set up, then you can skip it. In this part, I will guide you on setting up the crossbuild tools for your Beaglebone Black (BBB).

Setting up crossbuild tools for BeagleBone and Qt

Perform the below steps to install the crossbuild tools to compile programs on your PC – Linux and deploy it to your Beagle Bone Black (BBB).

Create a new file in the ‘sources.list.d’ directory with the name ‘crosstools.list’ as shown below.

Then copy and paste the below line into the file ‘crosstools.list’ within the ‘sources.list.d’ directory.

Check if the above line has been successfully added to the ‘crosstools.list’ by running the below command.

And you should see the contents of the crosstools.list i.e.

Now install the ‘curl’ command line tool as shown below.

After this, I got an output like below, since I already had curl installed.

Now install the emdebian toolchain archive key using ‘curl’ as shown below.

Add ‘armhf’ architecture and check if it’s added by printing them as follows.

Do an update as shown below.

Now, the final step is to install the toolchain for the BBB as shown below,

When prompted that if you want to install the packages, just hit ‘Y’ and proceed with the installation. After the installation completes, just check if the installation was successful as shown below.

You should see an output like below.

If you see the above, then it means that the toolchain for BBB is installed and you’re good to go further, to setting up the toolchain and touch libraries for QT, in the next part of this series i.e.PART-III.

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